KoCos Restaurant

KoCos is a new restaurant along E. Rodriguez Avenue that offers Mexican–Korean inspired dishes.The place is a good find for those looking for a place to chill out and those looking for a culinary adventure.

A flat screen shows KPOP videos and karaoke tracks for guests to enjoy. And KoCos has a good line up of booze and cocktails to complement the food they offer.

Most of their food are loaded with vegetables and spices. Kimchi lovers will surely identify with KoCos. Where else will you find Kimchi Pasta, Kimchi Pizza, Caramelized Kimchi Quesadilla (P 210), all loaded with slightly spicy kimchi?

I've skipped kimchi fares (that I'm not a fan of) and common foods in favor of more meaty dishes. Here are my favorites at KoCos:

Their Nachos (P 250) is a huge bowl with a good mix of texture and flavor that is so Mexican in taste.

Jap chae (P 229) is a savory, sweet Korean pasta. Fresh vegetables are mixed with the traditional clear potato starch noodles and beef strips.

I love their take on Korean fried chicken. Their version of this street food favorite is crispy, delicious and topped with equally crunchy shoestring potatoes. The KoCos Fried Chicken (P 160) or “KFC" is spicy and tangy. It is double-fried, resulting in crunchier and less greasy skin.

 I like their bibimbap-style Beef Stew (P 240) the most. This bestselling rice meal is topped with a hefty serving of KoCos signature tender Korean beef.

We were also served complimentary KoCos SurFries (P 100), KoCos Balls (P 150), and Burger Slides (P 229) and Seafood Arroz ala Koreana (Huge Paella platter at P 749) during the food review. I think that KoCos has a lot of potential given it has been in business for less than 3 months.

KoCos Restaurant
TSL Building #59 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Brgy. Doña Josefa, Quezon
Phone (02) 576 0802