Hair Removal made Sweeter at Whipped Sugar Wax & Body Scrub Salon

The removal of unwanted body hair has a long history. Both men and women have been obsessed with removing body hair since the dawn of time. We’ve been  plucking, burning, tweezing and ripping out undesirable hair in our the timeless desire to be trendy without realizing that many of these beauty regimens do more harm than good. Some commercially-available products do contain toxic and harsh chemicals.

Now, Whipped Sugar Wax and Body Scrub Salon offers Sugar Wax or Sugaring as a safe alternative to remove unwanted hair.  This  old, tried Arabic beauty regimen is the true way to wax naturally. People have been using sugar wax to remove hair  in the Middle East for centuries since sugar is a good skin softener and exfoliator made out of natural ingredients that does not threaten the body. Whipped uses organic wax made from sugar and lemon.

Whipped Sugaring Review

My daughter and I  went to experience Whipped Sugar Wax and Body Scrub Salon services at the Alabang Town Center. It was a first for both of us to undergo sugaring. Danica went in for eyebrows (P 200) and underarms treatment (P 250) while I opted for full leg sugar waxing (P 650).

The staff were courteous. They ushered us to two adjacent rooms as soon as we came in.  They were kind enough to indulge my kid in a conversation to make her feel more relaxed and less tense since it was her first time to undergo sugaring.  The waxer assigned to my daughter regularly asks Danica if she is comfortable as she went on shaping her eyebrows.

There is no doubt that the waxer has a clear understanding of the body needed to properly remove hair. They were properly trained to do sugaring.

Whipped has sterilizers and the waxers puts blue gloves on for hygienic purposes and client's peace of mind..

Sugar wax looks like toffee, and comes in amber color at room temperature.  The waxer tears a small portion of the cold, sticky, elastic wax  and stretches it onto the skin area  to remove hair.   There is less of a pull on the skin with the precision, plus a more comfortable removal experience.  The sugar wax only removes the hair from its roots unlike regular hot wax, which can take off the top layer of skin along with the hair.  There is no risk of scalding with this cold wax method.

Sugaring the eyebrows is a bit painful than the underarms according to my daughter. It  lasted  for  a few seconds, and then she got used to the sensation. I can say that the same is true for my leg waxing.  I have a few fine hair strands on my legs and it did hurt a bit a first few times as the waxer stretches the sugar  onto the area, and then rips it off repeatedly in quick, hygienic and thorough waxing service.

After finishing my whole lower left leg, she moved onto my left. My limbs came out hairless and smooth in a few minutes.

The staff says there really isn't much difference between waxing men and women. There are men going in for chest, shoulder, back, butt and even bikini waxing. Some brave men do  get Brazilian waxes too.  Since most guys have coarser hair,  waxing them tends to take longer.  Regular visits in  waxing salons will help improve lessen the hair growth.

The sweetness of this sugar waxing undeniable. It is great for sexy legs. So try it for yourself!

Whipped waxing specialists ensure maximum comfort that make the whole experience almost relaxing. Go visit Whipped Sugar Wax & Body Scrub Salon soon for that soft, smooth long lasting results.

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