Grand Launching of the Bellevue Kids Club

Last Sunday, my daughter and I went to Bellevue Manila for the Bellevue Kids Club launching.

The event showcased just how beautiful our culture is with its Filipiniana theme. Colorful buntings accented with bamboo and sombrero hat displays channelled the Filipino Fiesta set up. Kids and parents were entertained by Indak Lahi's rendition of popular Philippine folk dances from the different regions. They did the Banga (pot dance) which I really loved. I watched how the heavy earthen pots, filed up as many as four or five, are balanced on the heads of maidens as they trudge to the beat. The banga balancing act alone was amazing.

Museo Pambata held a shadow play for kids and the young at heart. The show is based on how Magellan came to conquer the Philippines after acquiring Enrique in a slave barter.

They were games and raffle draws in between activities. The adults had a blast with Limbo Rock. All pass beneath the bamboo pole being held up by two people while leaning backwards. The pole is lowered a few inches after each successful round and those who touch the ground with a body part other than their feet were eliminated. This game of elimination went on until few participants remained and declared as winners.

Each kid was given an activity passport to complete which in turn will be exchanged for a goodie bag of treats at the end of the program. Faber Castell had coloring craft activity set up for kids.

Toddlers and preschoolers had their face painted on on of the booths. The Belo Baby booth gave out soaps and colognes.

The play area and the candy/chocolate/popcorn buffet on the other side of the Laguna ballroom was popular among the young children as well.

Bellevue Manila had sorbetes, putong puti, turong halo-halo, biko and gulaman in the traditional Pinoy festive style.

Bellevue Manila will be holding its Bellevue Kids Club every Sunday during lunch. Kids can join in the playroom and participate in alternative learning experiences with their parents.

The BKC initiative is part of the Bellevue group of hotels to provide wholesome activities for young families to create meaningful memories.

If you have kids aged 12 years old and below, you can sign up here to receive Bellevue Kid's Club updates.