Way to A Mother’s Heart

Motherhood is an epitome of selfless love. Every mom desires to instill Godly values, vision, and character in her children and in the generations who follow her. And nurturing the entire family is one of the more practical roles of a mother. She ensures that everybody under her care eats well.

This coming Mother’s Day, don’t you think that she deserves a treat by having it the other way around?

If the kids can plan a good meal for mom (some help from Dad would definitely be welcome), then Goldilocks has the perfect dessert to cap it off. The country’s number one bakeshop definitely had mothers in mind when they made the Banana Caramel Cake, a delicious two-layer masterpiece made with banana chiffon cake and filled with whipped cream plus luscious caramel. Other favorites include the Heart-Shaped Choco Greeting Cake (available from May 6 to 8) and Chocolate Lollipops that are sure to put a smile on mom’s face.

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