Top PhilamLife Leaders join in the AIA Premier Leader’s Summit 2016 in Bangkok

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way,” said leadership expert John C. Maxwell. This is how true leadership is passed on in institutions that have been in operation for decades. In the case of financial advisors, nothing portrays a sense of leadership more than the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).

MDRT membership is now recognized internationally as the standard of excellence in the life insurance and financial services business and AIA Group made it a central theme in their recently concluded Premier Leader’s Summit. The annual event held in Bangkok, Thailand was entitled “Sustaining Success: Building an MDRT Culture,” and gathered the best agency leaders of AIA from all over Asia.

43 members from AIA’s local group, Philam Life, were among the delegates. PhilamLife’s top qualifiers per category were Lourdes M. Del Mundo (Top District, Del Mundo Associates), Ismael L. Melendres, Jr. and Cecilia A. Melendres (Top Tenured Agency, Melendres Associates), Anna Concepcion C. Blanco (Top Rookie Agency, Starbright Financial Advisors), Carlos C. Veneracion (Top Tenured Unit, Veneracion Financials), and Mark Christoper C. Yu (Top Rookie Unit, Yu Associates).

These Philam Life managers were able to become self-made millionaires through their hard work and perseverance in building a successful team of expert financial advisors.

Each one of them have made it their mission to help mentor own advisors to achieve the highest distinction that a Financial Advisor can aspire for---–to qualify to the MDRT. Being invited to the annual Premier Leader’s Summit is an honour and a privilege for any sales leader. These outstanding Filipinos were recognized for their remarkable leadership and agency-building abilities and for transforming the lives of the men and women they have recruited, trained and developed.

Being officially recognized as a MDRT practitioner is proof that a leader has been successful in building a business in the insurance industry and PhilamLife is indeed leading a role model for other aspiring agency leaders and entrepreneurs to emulate.

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