A Tropical Paradise: Dewi Sri Farm

I joined fellow mombloggers with kids in tow last April 8 in visiting Dewi Sri. It is a farm, with conveniences that you will find in a resort: playground, pavilions, well-maintained gardens and swimming pools.

Walking pass through its main gate leads to Balinese-adorned gate leading to the swimming pool area. A pavillion on the left side serves as a receiving area/al fresco dining hall, where they serve Indonesian cuisine.

Their modern tropical villas had thatched roofings and the use of natural materials like wood and stones are evident in their Balinese-style houses.  Each has lots of open space and opens to a spacious courtyard with many gardens. Some landscaped balinese gardens are laid out with ponds.

They offer accommodation and event packages at the farm resort. Villa accommodation package at the Cottage costs 1350 pesos per head (minimum of 10 pax) and it includes a welcome drink, dinner and breakfast.  Dewi Sri Farm  can customize  meals to include Indonesian cuisine.

Their farm animals include  rabbits, turkeys goats, chickens, ducks, swans, peacocks, fishes and more.

Kids had a chance to pet and feed these animals.

Dewi Sri Farm also has its own rice plantation plus  hydrophonic farming facilities on top of the orchard.  Their homegrown vegetation  include imported herbs and spices  from Indonesia, which they incorporate in the food they serve at the farm.

We all had a grand time savoring produce at the farm. Kids even got at hand at picking the freshest spinach! It was a great experience meeting the people who grow our food and  to learn how to plant them from the farmers themselves.

 The farm sells fruits and vegetables which are the freshest ever. Fruits are allowed to ripen fully in the field.   Food is as real as it gets—fresh from the farm.

The children had fun at the rafting activity!

We enjoyed communing with  nature  for a day. A quiet day at the farm is relaxing!

Our fun day at Dewi Sri Farm is something my daughter and I would remember for a long time.

Banca Banca, Victoria, Laguna
Phone (049) 576-2651
Mobile (63) 917-524-5155