ALLURA Shapes Lives

Do you find it hard to find time working out at the gym for your daily quota of exercise? Are you looking at alternatives to the gym because the gym isn't always fun? Are you looking forward to fitness routines that are easy on the joints?

ALLURA provides the means to ensure you achieve your slender figure and flawless beauty goals for those days not spent in the gym.

#BodyGoals becomes a Reality at ALLURA

ALLURA doesn’t just shape bodies, they shape lives too. With the ultimate goal of bringing out women’s utmost confidence in their bodies, ALLURA offers individually designed non-surgical medical aesthetic treatments to help clients look better and feel better without having to undergo risky surgical procedures thus achieving the body goals everyone deserves to have! These are all non-invasive and safe, which means no injections, no surgery, and no scars. Seeing you walk out with your new ideal figure coupled with healthy vitality and brand new confidence is what ALLURA promises.

ALLURA assures life-shapers’ competence, experience and proficiency

Doctors are not just life savers, but also ultimate life-shapers! ALLURA is composed of professionals in various aspects of medical and allied medical services like doctors, licensed nurses and physical therapist. Well trained and carefully selected, they are the ones who will carry out treatment plans that would work best for your body’s needs because we understand that everyone is unique. The desire to have a sexy body doesn’t have to be that risky and costly!

Looking great and feeling confidently beautiful has never been this affordable. ALLURA believes that body and beauty enhancements should be accessible to everyone. We offer clinically proven non-invasive solutions for fat reduction and body contouring programs using the latest approach and technologies. ALLURA takes pride in offering facilities rivalling any world class centers offering the same treatments. With a commitment and dedication to bring out the best in all our patients at really reasonable and affordable prices, we see to it that you always get more than what you pay for.

Hear a celebrity client’s success story and testimony!

More and more customers have attested that not all promises are meant to be broken because in ALLURA, they just turned their “dream body” into a reality. As we are continuously delivering our commitment for “results-oriented service”, more and more showbiz and non-showbiz clients have expressed their happiness for finding the right trick in achieving their ideal figure through safe and non-invasive treatment

Ara Mina revealed that Thermo-lipolysis became her weight loss buddy for her quick reduction of weight. "Thermolipolysis is my favorite treatment, I lost 11 pounds in just a short period of time," shared Ara. In addition, Ara's waistline has reportedly gone from a 28 to a 25 in just a short span.

Thermo-lipolysis is one of the famous offerings of ALLURA as it helps our clients reduce weight easily and instantly. It uses cutting-edge thermal heat and infrared technology to burn as much as 900 calories per treatment of 30 minutes. You are put inside a hi-tech "capsule," so you can literally lose weight equivalent to 3-7 km. energy expenditure of running while lying down. It actually burns as much as 900 calories per session. More than that, it increases the metabolism, reduces water retention and stimulates body circulation.

Dr. Manuel Ma, owner of the ALLURA clinic, shares that his celebrity clients keep on coming back because they achieve great results faster. They find the latest and most economical way of losing weight and contouring their body at ALLURA.

ALLURA further commits to upgrade and embrace new technologies in Slimming and Skincare and non-surgical procedures of the highest standards of quality. We continuously provide innovative programs and services and are dedicated to cleanliness, safety, and providing an environment conducive to our clients’ health and well being.

ALLURA strives to help our clients to achieve their goals at any level, It commits to continuously improve our customer service standards by providing an environment that is welcoming, friendly, comfortable and responsive. We strive to exceed their clients' expectations by anticipating their needs.

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