Burger Holiday at Alabang Town Center

Eating a burger on a bun is an American tradition that we Filipinos came to love. 

There are so many styles of hamburgers and a hundred delicious ways to whip it up. By varying the meat, toppings, seasonings and condiments, one can come up with  awesome combos.

Now I got to indulge in a few best variations of this American favorite sandwich during a Burger Holiday event at Alabang Town Center.  The one-day deal specials offered by the participating burger chains were as follows:

8cuts Burger Blends #MeatOurBlends

Diners get a free cheeseburger upon purchase of any hamburger combo.  8cuts Burger gives its patrons the option to choose a 1/3 or 1/4-pound patty to go with its soft buns. They grind their own meat from various choice cuts and it is probably one of the reasons why the patty comes out delish. A few cuts of good meat blended well with fat will turn out really good.

I ordered Bar Burger and it seemed like a good choice. My 1/3 pound burger was moist. Instead of fresh onions, it had crispy fried onion strips on top of the patty which mixes well with sour taste of its cheese.

The Four Cheese burger also tasted awesome!  If you fancy a variety of cheeses on your burger like I do, then this one is tops.


The Oldtimer and Classic Bacon Burger from ‪‎Chili‬'s ‪are simple and standard ones with no frills.  The only difference between these two are the thick slices of bacon in the Classic Bacon Burger.

The Fresh Fajita Mix was a refreshing break from the burger foodcoma. We chose chicken and beef strips with prawns. There were lots of condiments to add on the fajita rolls we chose to make.

And when you're at Chili's, do try out their heavenly Molten Chocolate Cake (P 395). You will love the warm chocolate cake filled with chocolate fudge and topped with vanilla ice cream as it melts in your mouth!

Size Matters

The Works Burger comes with 2 free sliders. For me, this is a perfect burger as it comes out crumbly and tender. It has a bit of crispness around the patty edges. This is one guilty pleasure I will surely splurge on from time to time. Its cheese flavor mixes well with the caramelized onions. The bun has a hint of sweetness, holds each patty in place and absorbs the burger juices without being soggy.

Tony Roma's

Tony Roma's Aroma Burger is a classic burger with minimal dressing. Burger purist will love their moist, signature beef patty. Home-cooked Fries are served on the side. Get it free when you buy a Cheese Burger. Buy a ‪‎Cheeseburger‬ and get an ‪‎AromaBurger‬ from ‪Tony Roma's‬.


Get an Outbacker‬ (P 469) when you purchase a Typhoon Burger‬ (P 499) from ‎Outback‬.  Outback seems to be big in everything!  The Outbacker burger meat is packed with lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions with a dash of mustard.

Typhoon Burger on the other hand is more festive with Fried Onion Rings, American cheese and its signature Typhoon Bloom sauce on top.

Pepper Lunch

The Double Hamburg Steak with Egg from Pepper Lunch comes in a cast iron plate. Each plate was a hefty serving of bean sprouts, egg and two beef patties that has to be mixed up with its sweet onion sauce (and the butter sauce in the middle) as soon as delivered to your ‬table.  Japanese rice is served on the side.

The recent Burger Food Holiday was really a good time to indulge!  While there are a wide hamburger  selection, you can always find a combination that works for you.

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