Knowlarity empowers Small and Medium Enterprises via SuperReceptionist

Last October 8, Knowlarity and Vinea Distribution, Inc. (VDI) officiaally launched Super Receptionist, in an intimte gathering at the Discover Primea in Makati City.

The launch of Knowlarity's key product was spearheaded by its Vice President and Head of International Business Strategy, Vikas Kakkar.

Through Super Receptionist technology offered by Knowlarity, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) can capture more prospects and opportunity against traditional telephony capabilities. It is the first of its kind in the Philippines and will particularly help startups.

Knowlarity maximizes the use of cloud telephony by delivering a service that uses the Internet Of Things and connects a virtual number to any physical phone be it a landline, a PABX or your smartphone.

With SuperReceptionist, you get to analyze your calls, knowing where your calls are coming from, who called you, and more. This power would give you the ability to get business leads and project a big company.

Businesses interested in Knowlarity’s SuperReceptionist may contact Vinea Distribution Inc. (VDI) at and they will be connected to a local reseller.

About Knowlarity

Knowlarity is India’s first and the biggest provider of unified communication solutions, and empowers companies with marketing automation and communication tools. Founded in 2009 by IIT Kanpur graduates Gupta and Pallav Pandey, Knowlarity Communications provides business telephony services to companies, particularly in the small and medium enterprise segment


  1. If interested with Knowlarity SuperReceptionist, you may contact Vinea Distribution Inc.(VDI) @759-9118 ext. 5


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