51Talk pays tribute to teachers via #51TalkTeacherStory contest

In my younger years, I was lucky to have teachers as source of inspiration and positive influence. Aside from striving to give students a quality educational experience, some of these educators touched me deeply. I hold teachers in high regard for contributing to my social and emotional development.

The #51TalkTeacherStory contest encouraged e-Educators to share their experiences as an online teacher and it drew 250 entries from all over the Philippines. 51Talk chose the top 3 entries based on uniqueness, inspirational appeal, and over-all impact.

Winning the contest at 1st place is Teacher Moyee, who helped her student overcome his nervousness. She started talking to him about his interests and other topics that he’s comfortable with to ease him into conversing in English. After a month of lessons and newfound confidence, her student moved to Australia to pursue a master’s degree.

Coming in 2nd place is Teacher Lilydale, who found her most rewarding job as a single mother and an online English educator. Working from home gave Teacher Lilydale the best of both worlds by being able to spend time with her son. Teaching English online not only gave her a fulfilling job, but also granted her the chance to always be present for her son and take care of him.

The 3rd place winner is Teacher Amorlove from Cebu, who managed to balance her time as a persevering Architecture student and a passionate teacher through 51Talk. Being a student herself, she understands her students’ passion for learning. This always inspires to put her heart in every teaching session.

In the same event, 51Talk welcomed back the multi-awarded power spiker, Michele Gumabao, as its brand ambassador.

When she joined 51Talk, Michele also conducted online English classes. She spent time interacting with the students, teaching them the language, and learning more about their culture. She also shared with them her enthusiasm for teaching and volleyball. Her dynamic lifestyle as an athlete, health and wellness advocate, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker motivates many young people to do more at their age-- to teach, learn, and earn.

Through her stint in online English teaching, Michele understands that witnessing the eagerness and determination of students to learn motivates many Filipino e-Educators today.

According to Michelle, “e-Educators are hardworking individuals who give their lives in helping others succeed. Every day, they inspire me to become a better player and coach. I salute them for all their efforts in making a positive change in the lives of their students”.

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