Mother’s Best supports Our Lady of Fatima University's Cook Academy Asian Fusion Festival

Mother’s Best sponsored the Cook Academy Asian Fusion Festival at Our Lady of Fatima University in Novaliches, Quezon City yesterday. This cooking competition and seminar, done in collaboration with COOK Magazine, was well supported by the studentry, particularly those from the College of Hospitality and Institutional Management (CHIM).

Mother’s Best intends to invest in these type of activities as the our future lies in the youth. Mother’s Best believes in what the young generation is capable of. “It is important to work with them and build the relationship with them while they are young,” says explains Gabriel A. Reyes, Assistant General Manager of HDR Foods Corporations, the company that produces the Mother’s Best Brand. “These young chefs will be the future driving force of our restaurants industry as well as the future chefs of their respective home kitchen, and we want them to patronize Mother’s Best both in their future careers and at home.”

The college boasts of comprehensive programs in all related disciplines, and Mr. Reynaldo H. Carandang Jr., program head of CHIM agrees that participation by culinary students hones their skills and creativity and brings them great excitement as well: “Student’s exposure to various culinary contests allows them to enhance their confidence and be more competent in their field of expertise. They are also made abreast of culinary trends and innovations. The exposure provides an opportunity for them to interact with industry practitioners providing them tips and advice in getting first hand information from the experts.”

COOK Magazine’s Editor In Chief, Chef Dino Datu along with Chef Winston Jerome C. Luna, Caterer and Event Specialist, shared their culinary expertise by demonstrating their own version of Asian Fusion Dishes as well as giving students valuable tips and advice about the industry. Chef Dino Datu whipped up Black Pepper Crab, Singapore Chili Prawns, and Easy Claypot Rice, which are just some of the most popular recipes that the COOK Magazine test kitchen has featured specifically using Mother’s Best products.

In the culinary competition, the students worked with stoves provided by Fujidenzo, while the cooking implements were supplied by Masflex. The student chefs were grouped into five teams, with two students per team, and they cooked with Mother’s Best Hot Sauce, Mother’s Best Oyster Sauce, and the Mother’s Best Barbecue Marinade, which are the items the company is most known for. “For now we want to focus on our core products, since we want to build on and strengthen the loyalty, acceptance and the market for these items,” Gabby emphasizes. “But of course we would still want others to try our new products and we are continuously developing new ones to provide instant kitchen solutions for our cooks and chefs.”

About Mother’s Best

Mother's Best is a Philippine brand known for its line of prepared and ready-to-use condiments, marinades, and sauces that bring out the distinct taste, aroma and quality homemade cooking. Founded in 1977 as a small-to-medium sized enterprise manufacturing hot sauces, Mother's Best has since added a roster of products to complement the hectic lifestyle of modern working people.

The pioneering Mother's Best Hot Sauce (chili) continues to be the top-seller in the Philippines, and Mother's Best Barbecue Marinade have received international recognition. While the Mother's Best Toyomansi (Soy Sauce with Philippine Lemon) and Mother's best Patismansi (Fish Sauce with Philippine Lemon), are the original Filipino invention of Mr. Hernand Datu Reyes, founder of HDR Foods Corporation, which manufactures Mother's Best products.