Affordable Premier Living You Deserve at Terrazza de Sto. Tomas

More and more people are moving out to neighboring cities of Manila because of the exhilarating the fast-paced life and the congested highways. Urbanites seek out alternatives to city living in the south which offer a more laid back atmosphere plus the conveniences of a modern city.

And Sto. Tomas, Batangas is fast becoming a real estate hotspot. Its close proximity and easy access to Manila is one of its major advantage. The province is highly accessible from the capital via South Luzon Expressway from Muntinlupa City. Roughly 60 kilometers from Makati City, Sto. Tomas competitively keeps up with the conveniences of the Metro, and still retains a rustic, peaceful charm signature to the Southern brand of living.

The city is just 15 minutes away from Nuvali through the Star Tollway Santo Tomas exit, and a mere 30-minute drive to Tagaytay. It offers the best of both worlds. This is one of the reasons why Sto. Tomas is dubbed as the gateway to the Southern Metro.

Ovialand Inc. brought on its newest flagship project south of the Metro to address traffic, flooding, congestion, and other pressing problems of urban living that beset many families today.

Terrazza de Sto. Tomas, is a 5.8-hectare premier development that is set in the heart of these attractions. Developed by Ovialand Inc., this property aims to provide an exclusive reprieve as well as easy access to the province’s center of activities. The company’s newest P500-million venture in this first-class municipality is close to industrial parks and companies, schools, churches, and medical institutions.

Ovialand, Inc.'s Business Unit Head Fatima Olivares-Vital says, “In Sto. Tomas, the lifestyle starts with the quality of living. Imagine not having to feel nervous every time it rains because of the reliable drainage systems or knowing that you can go home on time to your family because you won’t have to worry about the traffic. This is how you can really enjoy life.”

The activities available within the vicinity also ensure that everyone can find something that will cater to their interest. Beaches, hiking spots, and lifestyle centers are always teeming with activity and are sure to entertain the most outgoing of souls. Terrazza's amenities include a mini football field, a basketball half-court, a multipurpose clubhouse, a swimming pool, and landscaped pocket gardens.

Olivares-Vital gives one last advice for those looking for a different brand of lifestyle, “You have to look for options. Changing your lifestyle means you have to try and solve the problem using new ways. How we live and how we hope to live should not be different things. Think—and live—outside the box.”

About Ovialand, Inc.

Ovialand, Inc. a subsidiary of Malate Construction and Development Corp. (MCDC), with over 28 years of experience in housing development.

Terrazza de Sto. Tomas' affordble house-and-lot development marks the company's pilot venture into low-cost housing. There are a total of 333 units ranging from P1.7 to P3.2 million each, being offered with three models to choose from :

Amore (single-detached) with 99 square meters of floor area; Dolce (duplex), 75 sq m; and Bacci (quad); 65 to 86 sq m per unit. MCDC has two other projects in Souther Luzon namely, Bamboo Grove in Calamba, Laguna and Eco Verde Homes in Rosario, Cavite.


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