Tenya Restaurant opens at SM Megamall

Japanese food lovers can now have a taste of authentic Japanese Tendons at Tenya Restaurant. Tenya is a well-known tempura restaurant with more than 140++ branches all over Japan.
From the time Yoshio Iwashita started the first Tenya his first outlet in Yaesu underground mall near Tokyo Station in 1989, Tenya has grown to be a favorite Japanese restaurant chain for its high quality, crispy tendons at a reasonable price.

What a Tendon is

In Japan, TenDon is a shortened word name for Tempura Donburi (天ぷら丼ぶり) and it simply refers to Japanese tempura rice bowl.

Tempura + Donburi = TENDON

TEMPURA is a Japanese deep-frying technique that adds flavor and texture to the food without competing with its natural flavor. Tenya Japan’s recipe library has over 350 varieties of tempura!

DONBURI is an authentic, steaming Japanese rice bowl topped off with freshly cooked meat, seafood, egg or vegetables.

At Tenya, you can savor top quality, ultra fresh, assortment of tempura on rice with miso soup on the side. The All Star Tendon (P 325) comprised of deep fried and are lightly-battered black tiger prawns, squid, salmon, kani stick, green beans and mushroom tempuras.

All Star Tendon

The perfectly-fried assortment of tempuras were complemented with Japanese rice, miso soup and Tenya Restaurant’s signature Dontare sauce. The sauce's sweet flavor complements the tempura and rice serving.

This rice dish is very filling! I love chomping on ebi tempura and I enjoyed the sweet potato tempura as well.

They have a wide selection of tempura bowl and tempura basket combos to choose from. You just have to pick from their a la carte menu and choose the tempura varieties that suits your taste.
All Star Tempura Basket (P 350)

If you’re after something more substantial than the standard tendon bowl or tempura basket, Tenya allows you to get fancier tempura sets which came with rice, soup and add ons like soba (buckwheat) or udon (thick wheat noodles).

Their “All Star Tempura Soba/Udon set (P 455)” is like your All Star Tendon but comes with noodles imported from Japan! You have choice  between udon or soba that is served hot or cold. For first option, noodles are served with a mildly-flavored hot broth using dashi and soy sauce. And in the latter option, cooled soba/udon is served and dipped in chilled tsukejiru (dipping sauce in a bowl alongside) that is usually strongly-flavored. Sliced long onion leaves are available on the side for garnish.

All Tempura soba or udon sets are priced between P 385 and P 455 depending on what kind of tempura you want. Donburi dishes and tempura sets can be ordered in a takeaway bento box as well.

All Star Tempura Cold Soba
Tenya Restaurant also offers a number of appetizers to make your entire meal come together. These are Potato Salad, Lettuce Salad, Agedashi Tofu, Karaage and Isobe Cheese.
Karaage (Japanese-style Fried Chicken Nuggets)
Isobe Cheese (Tempura-fried Cheddar Cheese wrapped in Roasted Seaweed)

For deseerts, they offer Japanese Cheesecake and fruit-flavored Popsicles.

Get a taste of tendon and tempura perfection at Tenya Restaurant now for a great meal!

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Tenya Restaurant
4/F SM Megamall Building A
Phone (02) 837 5036