How to Retire Early at 50 and Live Comfortably

Retirement for most of us is leaving behind the stress and pressure of the working world to explore new interests. We all dream of retiring early with a fantastic pension and no money worries.

It sounds good, but are you ready? Do you have a plan to make the switch to full-time retirement? Do you have enough to retire? What does it take to retire early, or to retire at all? Since it is practically impossible to calculate the precise amount of money needed to carry one through a retirement lasting decades, how do you manage your wealth and investments for reliable income?

There are a handful of important considerations before you can make the leap. Let Mr. Chinkee Tan guide you in creating an environment that will let you achieve your own personal joy in retirement.

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June 20, 2015
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Metrowalk Plaza, Meralco Avenue , Pasig City

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  1. I have attended Chinkee Tan's seminar once and I became so inspired to start investing as well. I don't plan to retire at 50 though, but I just thought that it is important to have sustainable and passive income.

  2. Yes, well wanted to retire...for me I want it very early so that I will have the time to enjoy, travel,etc. that we all need to management our financial finance effectively...Mr. Tan's talk must be very helpful to many :)

  3. Investments and knowledge of it can really help us retire earlier and have fixed income.

  4. I guess it's alright to think about retirement and investment as early as now.

  5. Retirement investment is in now a days :-) that is why I got a mutual fund for our future

  6. This would be a great help in enlightening people to invest properly.

  7. It's always wise to plan for our retirement. This can be very helpful.

  8. The truth is I want to retire at 40! It sounds absurd, but if we make the right decisions right now, we can all retire early (if we want to!).

  9. I am definitely attending his HOW TO RETIRE BEFORE THE AGE OF 50 seminar!

  10. This looks interesting. Will check out Chinkee's site.

  11. Who doesn't want to retire by 50? hehe. My husband is attending this.

  12. I wish someone will make a book about starting on financial investment at 40, because honestly, a lot of people need that book. Me included. These books and talks were not as available then as it is now when I was younger and had no financial obligations. We were practically ignorant about these things.

  13. Oh I have Chinkee Tan books. :)

  14. Interesting. Ofcourse all of us wants to retire early!

  15. Retiring at 50 is very ideal. In less than a decade I will be hitting the big 5-0 age and I hope buy that time I am done with sleepless nights and worrying- all in God's time. -Macy


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