Sunday, March 29, 2015

See Birds in action at the Wings Of The World show!

I have always been fascinated with birds. I'm sure everyone with agree that waking up to a beautiful symphony of songbirds is always a welcome treat whatever part of the world we live in. Bird watching is a great way to relax and enjoy nature. These winged creatures keep us connected to mother earth in a way that few other animals have been able to do.

Last Saturday, my daughter and I went to see the Grand Launch of the Wings of the World “The Half-a-Thousand Birds Show at the Magaul Bird Park inside Jest Camp Subic.

The Philippines is home to over 600 bird species, 214 species of which are endemic or can be found only in the 7,107 islands of the country. The Wings Of The World features a vast array of healthy, well-kept parrots, macaws, cockatoos, hornbills etc. in engaging antics that show off their amazing intellects.

The bird show was filled with fascinating facts, and environmental message for its audiences. Changes in bird population and how it reflects on the health of our environment is worth noting. The show sends out the message promoting the protection of the environment.

The audience were dazzled as eagles, owls and hornbills demonstrate their thrilling flying and soaring skills. And the performances by the colorful birds, doesn't end there. The all-Filipino team of Wings Of The World took the audiences in an immerssive experience with a range of games and tricks.

Parrots compete in cute races as the kids and guests cheer on rooting for their champion.

The trash segregation segment creates awareness about proper waste segregation. It was a fun learning activity for children and a great way to put a message across!

The winged animals were amazing!

Half a thousand birds on stage from all directions of the Alula Amphitheater at Magaul Bird Park were presented at the grand finale. Pigeons, parrots, cockatoos and raptors flutter around the venue in an extraordinary exhibition as flocks of geese, ducks, plus fowls made their way onto the stage.

It was such extraordinary being there in a rare moment of beauty and emotion!

Bring your kids over to see the Wings Of The World and get them to appreciate the natural beauty around them. This is one good way for the youth to learn the importance of protecting natural habitats and endangered animals.

Show Times:
Weekends and Public Holidays 11AM, 1:30PM and 4PM

During weekdays, The Winged Wonders 100 Birds Show will be shown at 11AM and 1:30PM

Magaul Bird Park
Upper Mau, Cubi-Triboa
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales
Manila Booking Office : (02) 2189023 or 09175310992
Subic : (047) 2521489 / 09088207048 / 09177964668


  1. We just came from another park and it was wonderful to see our kids touching animals and all. Would love to take them to the bird park in Subic soon. :)

  2. Getting to interact with birds sure is fun for the kids. It's just a long way from the city. Will check it out if we ever happen by that place. ;)

  3. My daughter would sure enjoy this. She loves animals.

  4. Thanks for sharing this, I'll add this to my bucket list for my son. He loves zoos and ocean parks, magbird park naman kami next time. :)

  5. Its nice that there are now parks like this. Most kids are fascinated with animals and birds so being able to touch and hold it brings joy to the child. :)

  6. My son will enjoy this! WIll keep this in mine when we go up North.

  7. Wow! Ang ganda. I wanna bring my baby to that kind of attractions too. Learning and fun indeed.

  8. Wow, my kids would love to go there! We'd definitely check it out on our next trip to Subic. :)

  9. I love watching bird shows; they are so smart! I remember a bird show in a resort here in Davao and wild birds like hawks and eagles were included and were flying over our heads.

  10. Most of the times, the birds are being ignored in the zoo in preference to much bigger animals but if we think of it, without these beautiful birds, life will be dull on earth.

  11. Birds! They really amaze me when they do those clever tricks. I love their bright colors, too. Hmmm time to check out a local zoo here in Cebu.

  12. Wow that looked so much fun! An enjoyable way to teach kids about winged animals, caring for the environment, as well as saving money. I wish I could take my kids there.. Go Gary! :)

  13. Thanks for sharing this. A fellow mommy blogger also shared some cool places/zoos to bring the kids for the school break. I'm sure my daughters would love to see these birds coz they've watched Rio and they're kinda addicted to Angry Birds. They will really be fascinated seeing these birds in real life. :)

  14. Oh I wasnt able to attend to their launch too bad! Sure do visit them soon

  15. This is something new :) We're planning to bring our kids to Subic for a quick beach trip this summer. Will check this out :)

  16. I'm sure my daughter would love to see Wings of the World! I want to take her there soon.

  17. I love nature and I have a special relationship with birds..even the birds that freely roam around our neighborhood is a sight to behold more so the exotic ones. If I have time I'll bring the kids here this summer. -Macy


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