Caltex‬ launches its Techron® Concentrate Plus (TCP) fuel system cleaner

Filipino motorists can now benefit from Chevron Philippines' fuel system cleaner with the launch of Techron® Concentrate Plus (TCP) in Manila last March 19, 2015. With Caltex‬ Techron® Technology in a portable bottle, everyone can benefit from the deep cleaning power of Techron even there is no Caltex service station nearby.

Lennard Kwek, Asia Pacific Marketing Manager

TCP is a scientifically proven formula to clean vehicle engines running on gasoline. It ensures optimal performance for motorists by offering it in concentrated bottle form. The power of TCP can clean an entire fuel system in a single tankful. This easy-to-use solution cleans engine deposits, protects the entire fuel system, restores lost power and performance, plus helps reduce emissions while maximizing fuel economy.

TCP promises to clean and protect fuel system sensors from sulfuric buildup, which can cause faulty fuel gauge readings over time with repeated use.

Techron® Concentrate Plus (TCP) can be purchased at Caltex service stations nationwide for P450.00

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