Albie Casino endorses ALFA-1 Advanced Men's Care

A man who carries himself with confidence and exudes masculinity, dominance and power often stands out. The Alpha male can easily be spotted even in a crowded room.

And there is no denying that Albie has it all. The 21-year old Albie embodies the characteristics of a true ALFA male---talented, sexy, smart, with hot physique and disarmingly good looks. His confidence and commanding presence makes him the perfect endorser of ALFA-1 Advanced Men's Care, personal care product line made for men to transform ordinary men into confident males--ALFA males.

Personal Collection  ALFA-1 Advanced Men's Care uses a unique formulation called CoolActiv Technology that gives a superior overall clean, fresh scent and an extremely cool after-feel—perfect for the ALFA male.

The ALFA-1 Advanced Men's Care product line includes ALFA-1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, ALFA-1 Whitening + Scrub Face Wash, ALFA-1 Antibacterial Body Soap, ALFA-1 Whitening + Protection Body Lotion, and ALFA-1 Deodorant Body Spray.

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Lead the pack and be the ALFA-1 Male!