Vittorio's Steakhouse

Featured above is Chop Noodle Salad (P 190)

Barely six months in its operations, Vittorio's Steakhouse is fast becoming a steakhouse place offering comfort food with a contemporary twist. Who would have thought that nestled along Kamuning Road is a perfect place to go for a fancy dinner date night, or a celebration?

Unassuming diners like these are hard to find! Their Steaks are at par with high end steakhouse!

I was delighted by the perfect way they cooked the meat. The delicious steak options come in different sizes (and even as part of platter combinations). Each perfectly pan-seared steak meat literally melts in your mouth. I have chosen the 980-gram Porterhouse over popular Pan Seared Tenderloin and Ribeye Steak choice cuts and it did not disappoint.

Each order came with a hefty serving of rice plus minced carrot-corn sidings. Though pricey at P 2980, it is definitely worth every penny! According to Chef Victor Daluz, he personally checks the quality of the meat. The choice cuts come in 1.5-inch thickness and are imported from Australia.

The Clam Pasta (P 320) is another favorite of mine. Though I prefer cream-based over oil and tomato, I really liked the light sauce made from minced clams, olive oil, and garlic.

Cra and Shrimp Pizza (P 299)

They also have a variety of pizza variants to pick from which include Thai Chicken Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, Burger Pizza, and Margherita Pizza. And mind you, their thick Pizza doughs are perfectly risen and tasty.

Atop the Crab and Shrimp Pizza were generous toppings of crab slivers, shrimp pieces, red bell pepper, mozarella and basil. The pizza has that beautiful crispy crust that is delicious and inviting.
Thai Chicken Pizza (P 290)

The Thai Chicken Pizza on the other hand, is a unique and delicious pizza twist as it uses peanut butter for pizza sauce. Topped with minced chicken and greens, it is colorful and gives a spicy, bold flavor.

I also like the Butter Garlic Shrimp (P 270) and the Beef Salpicao (P 325).

The menu is quite extensive. And I was able to enjoy my dining experience at Vittorio's Steakhouse. Do consider this place if you're in the QC area and hankering for steak fix.

Vittorio's Steakhouse
121 Forab Building
Kamuning Road, Quezon City
Phone (02)738-6564
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