Alaska holds a "Merry Cremas” food festival

Earlier today, Alaska spearheaded the Merry Cremas Festival at the Eastwood City Mall Open Park.

It was my first time to attend a Merry Cremas food bazaar and I was surprised to see innovative candies, cakes, breads and other sweet treats made using Alaska Crema all-purpose cream. I know that there will free tasting of rich, creamy desserts and food and so Merry Cremas was an occasion I just can’t pass up on.
Frozen Strawberry Pannacotta with White Choco Mousse from Blue Toque is a unique way of showcasing Alaska Crema 

Be it rich and creamy, cheesy, or chocolatey, they all have it at Merry Cremas Festival! Everyone were free to indulge in tasting goodies, from savory to sweet things that the booths had to offer!

Divine cakes, cupcakes, cake lollies came in a wide array of creamy flavors!! Perfect gift to warm hearts and tummies alike!

The food contest is the highlight of the festival. Merry Cremas Food Bazaar merchants or food partners were asked to concoct special dishes and/or sweet goodies using Alaska Cremas. The said dishes were sampled and rated by a panel of food bloggers.

Yummy food bazaar guests were also treated to an Alaska Crema cooking demo by Chef Kai Padilla. There were fun games, photo booth, and enticing activities for the whole family.

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