Ministop’s Spam Onion Kariman: a Savory Treat for on-the-go foodies

Most career-driven people nowadays lead such fast-paced lifestyles that leave little room for indulgence. With back-to-back meetings and never ending deadlines, even food breaks become a task to be completed at the shortest possible time. In this scenario, ready-to-eat snacks that are both tasty and heavy enough to satisfy one’s hunger have become the more convenient option for those who have little time for meal time.

Ministop, one of the country’s leading and fastest-growing 24/7 convenience store chains, introduces an exciting addition to their best-selling Kariman product lineup, giving busy bees another delicious, tummy-filling, and on-the-go treat that can be enjoyed any time.
A unique take on a classic favorite, the Spam Onion Kariman is made with soft crumbed Kariman bread filled with Spam bits, caramelized onions, and cheese, cooked to crisp crusted golden-brown perfection. Definitely a sure win treat for Kariman fans and Spam lovers everywhere.

Get your hands on a Spam Onion Kariman for only P26 to get your quick fix of sweet, meaty, and cheesy Kariman goodness. Available at all Ministop branches nationwide.