Friday, August 29, 2014

Breeze holds 1 Laba Day to fight 1 Million Stains in 1 Wash

Being a mother is a noble profession. The strength of a mother’s love for her children cannot be disputed since she gleefully prioritizes the interests of her kids ahead of her own. She untiringly makes the beds, keeps the house spotless, shops for groceries, hothouses the children so that they may one day get into top universities and still finds time to lie beside her husband at night. She always makes time for those who matter to her the most—her family.

Yesterday, hardworking moms were given the chance to take a day off from doing the laundry and enjoy exciting surprises that Breeze Philippines prepared for them. The leading detergent showcased its revolutionary stain-removing power with 1 Laba Day, washing one million clothes in a nationwide laundry event held simultaneously in barangays that include Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao and Batangas.

Celebrity Circle of Sige Moms (born out of Breeze’s Sige Sabado movement) Christine Bersola Babao, Dimples Romana and Gladys Reyes spearheaded the festivities at MRB Court Complex, Pilot Drive, Bgy. Commonwealth, Quezon City. Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte also graced the event and met with the homemaker heroes.

"Through 1 Laba Day, we want to reach out to moms across the country and thank them for being heroes who always put the needs of their families first," according to Mara Banson, Breeze Brand Manager. "For sure, they can rely on Breeze as their dependable partner in taking care of their loved ones."

Photo from BreezePhilippines facebook page

Breeze with ActivBleach is also the first and only detergent brand with melamine perfume encapsulation technology that blooms in wash and bursts in wear, making sure that clothes keep smelling clean and fresh even when worn. It even has a unique active system for better foam profile and quicker lather, plus percarbonate TAED bleach that takes out bleachable stains without harming the environment.

Like the official Breeze Philippines facebook page or follow @BreezePh on twitter for a chance to win exciting prizes in its online promotions.


  1. Breeze sure looks promising. We need to use separate color-safe bleach pa to babad the clothes.

    1. I've been using Breeze for a long time now and I'm a satisfied customer.

  2. I missed the eveny here in Cebu because I had to go to work but we use Breeze at home! Super effective in taking out stains!

  3. I used to use Breeze, too, until I discovered a natural brand made here in Mindanao. If I run out of that detergent, though, I may use Breeze ulit :D

  4. I haven't tried Breeze before. Lemme give it a try on our next trip to the supermarket :D

  5. Uy didn't know this happened here in Cebu. Could have brought my clothes for some washing. Hahaha!

  6. I would have loved to take part in this event. Unfortunately, I had mommy errands that day.

  7. "Being a mother is a noble profession." I super agree. I am a working mum, but being a mother is the most noble profession I ever had and the most tiring, but the most rewarding. Such an irony. :)

  8. Nice event. I haven't tried this brand yet but I've read a lot of good reviews.

  9. I haven't tried Breeze yet. It it more expensive compared to most brands?

  10. I bought a promo they're having weeks ago. 20pesos for 3 twin packs of breeze. Not bad right? hehe. however, someone used it!! argggh! I'll try it next time =)


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