Value of Oral Nutrition Supplements in Reducing Hospital Stay

A balance nutrition is ideal for optimum health but with the busy lives, it appears to be the least concern of most individuals. We grab whatever food we can while on the go and so the Filipino diet is far from being balanced.

Impaired nutritional status often results in longer hospital stays, an increase in complication rates, higher readmission rates, and associated health care costs according to Dr. Marianna Sioson, President of the Philippine Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (PhilSPEN). This is imminent in patients recovering from serious illnesses or surgery.

An individual should satisfy his a caloric requirement in order to properly nourish their body. One usually gets all the nutrients the body needs from a balanced diet. Proper nourishment plays an important role in every patient’s recuperation process and so taking dietary supplements to augment to daily intake of nutrients when one’s diet is lacking is indeed beneficial. Dietary supplement can address a nutritional deficiency. There is also evidence to support the claim that it helps reduce the risk for a specific health problem.

A new health economics outcomes study published in the American Journal of Managed Care, revealed that oral nutritional supplements provided to patients during hospitalization could significantly reduce hospital stay by two days and save patients almost $5,000 (P210,000) in hospitalization cost. The study provides insights into the economic benefits of prescribing oral nutritional supplements to adult patients in the hospital setting.

“Research shows that using oral nutritional supplements can help reduce the length of stay and associated hospital costs. This is good news for 4 out of 10 hospitalized Filipino patients who are nutritionally at risk since most of them shoulder their hospital expenses out of their own pockets,” says Dr. Sioson.

In the “Impact of Oral Nutritional Supplementation on Hospital Outcomes” study, investigators were able to determine differences in length of stay and costs by comparing hospital stays where oral nutritional supplements were prescribed to stays of similar conditions where oral nutritional supplements weren’t prescribed.

“In an increasingly cost-pressured environment, health economics assessments can more comprehensively determine a therapy’s true value. Our results point to the tangible benefits of inpatient oral nutritional supplements on health outcomes and cost of care – factors that impact a hospital’s bottom line,” said study co-author Darius Lakdawalla PhD, Quintiles Chair in Pharmaceutical Development and Regulatory Innovation, University of Southern California (USC) School of Pharmacy, Sol Price School of Public Policy, and Director of Research, Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics at USC.

“Because oral nutrition supplements are formulated to provide advanced nutrition and calories for compromised patients and are relatively inexpensive to provide, the sizeable savings they generate make supplementation a cost-effective therapy,” said study co-author Tomas Philipson PhD, Daniel Levin Chair of Public Policy at the University of Chicago.

Research was conducted by leading health economists and supported by Abbott. Abbott is a global healthcare company that understands the need in managing malnutrition. Abbott Nutrition has been developing and marketing science-based nutritional products to support the growth, health and wellness of people of all ages for over 85 years.

Abbott Nutrition understands the need in managing malnutrition, that is why for more than 85 years, Abbott Nutrition has been developing and marketing science-based nutritional products to support the growth, health and wellness of people of all ages. For adults, Abbott Nutrition formulated Ensure brand, a complete and balanced oral nutritional supplements for adults which can help in solving the problems of malnutrition.

Abbott Nutrition formulated Ensure® brand, a complete and balanced oral nutritional supplements for adults which can help in solving the problems of malnutrition. Nutritionally complete, high-calorie, low residue liquid food providing 1.5 kcal/ml, Ensure® assures patients that they are getting the proper nutrients at the proper amounts. Ensure® provides total or supplemental nutrition, orally or by tube.

I received a free sample of Abbott Ensure® Gold from Abbott Nutrition but the opinions here are my own.


  1. It's really helpful and excellent way to reach out to all Filipinos about this event that could give health topics, for them to understand the proper healthy lifestyle.

  2. Abott has a good track record on nutrition so it really helps keeps kid healthy.

  3. As much as possible, I try to get nutrition from whole foods. But alternatively, supplements are good too, especially for those who can't get hold of whole foods. Anyway, I've tried Ensure before, but for some reason, just stopped. Maybe it's time to incorporate it to my diet again. :)

  4. My grandmother buys Ensure every month. It is expensive din, more or less P1800

  5. My grandmother used to drink ensure and she said that it tastes good.

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  7. We all owe the Health and Wellness industry a debt of gratitude for their persistence and patience in continuing research in developing new nutritional products.


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