Mystic Brew

Last week, I was invited to Mystic Brew Café. The café's new age interiors and ambience suits its name. There are books on the shelves with topics ranging from numerology, spiritualism to paranormal. Tarot cards are on display as well. Not only do their quirky decors border on witchcraft and wizardry following the Harry Potter theme, some items on their menu also come in the same league.
I super like Kamias Shake! This refreshing healthy drink offers a cool combination of sweet and sour taste. The salt that lines the rim of the drink glass it was served in, further kicks off its blended flavors.

Chili Mint Coffee gives something different than your usual caffeine dose. You can order it hot or ice- blended.  It may come on as a little weird concoction but you will be surprised to know that chili and coffee do go well together.

If you want to start off your day with something new, try their Butterscotch Blended Drink soda.  It is one of Mystic Brew’s original drink recipes inspired by the Harry Potter movie.

It is a great place to hang out with friends or to grab a coffee blend and work. At Mystic Brew Café, you can have a hot cup of coffee and a nook for yourself. They have expanded the concept of warmth and comfort in your cup of coffee or tea into a whole menu which comes with a flare of sophistication!
Gayuma is a light French onion soup. The onions were properly caramelized, which brings out the sweetness in them. I find the stock a bit watered-down though.
I am partial to tomato-based dishes and so I like the Monk's Brew. This comforting bowl of soup is loaded with meat and pasta with bread on the side. How I wish that tomato soup comes in thicker though.

Chalupa-cabra is a corn tortilla. This crisp-fried folded tostada makes a satisfying meal with its hefty filling made of romaine lettuce, salsa, cheese and ground beef. It’s an overload on the classic taco!
Meteor balls - are delicious, golden brown croquettes. The mashed potatoes with ground meat filling are rolled in flour and breadcrumbs. I love dipping the meteor balls into the mayo sauce and biting into its crisp coating.
Basilisk Bites- are deep-fried Cheese sticks served with mayo sauce. Though the Mystic Brew wrapper is a lot thicker than the usual spring roll wrapper I am accustomed to, the cheese sticks were fried to a perfect crunchiness. It tastes wonderful!
Italian Garlic Banger Pasta is a good pasta that comes in a nice, good portion. Pasta was done al dente and the amount of garlic was at vampire killing level. The sausages makes it more enjoyable.
Deconstructed carbonara gives you a fix of a hearty, filling comfort food that is ideal to share!

Sausage and Mash with Mystic Glaze is Mystic Glaze’s take on bangers and mash. Tangy and garlicky Vigan longganisa tops the hefty serving of mashed potato.

I love adobo and more so if it is ultra crispy and extra flaky! The Chorizo Rice with Adobo Flakes is my favorite dish at this cafe. The tasty pork meat flakes are crunched up so that it melts in my mouth with every bite! It looks presentable and palatable as Mystic Brew serves the flakes with seared garlic and sunny side up egg on the side in a Moroccan tagine claypot. They encourage diners to play on the sour-salty and garlicky flavors themselves by making vinegar available separately in a Chinese spoon.
Dragon’s Claw is Mystic Brew Café’s version of a cinnamon bread. Puffed in a shape of a giant claw, the crunchy pastry is sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon. Thinly sliced green apples and strawberry preserves gives the bread a crunchy, sweet bliss. I love the brittle, finger-lickin’ goodness it offers.
Martabak is fried stuffed pancakes. This two-layer pan-fried bread has a generous spread of warm rich chocolate fillings and sliced peanuts. The pancake is light, fluffy and moist. Served in half portions, this is a super delicious snack to compliment a hot or cold drink.

Go and see what they have to offer. They serve a slew of filling comfort foods for caffeine chasers.

Don't miss out on their promotions! Every Wednesday, bespectacled Mystic Brew Café diners get P 5.00 off their total bill. They have acoustic nights on Fridays for the music lovers and diva wannabes. There are tarot readings and poetry appreciation as well.
And to celebrate their 2nd anniversary month this June 25th, Mystic Brew Cafe is offering unlimited Butter Brew for only P 99.00 according to proprietors Algerome Asuncion and Tristan Jovellana.

Mystic Brew
511 Capitoline Hill Street
BF Resort Village, Las Pinas 1740
(02) 403 5105
Open Wednesday through Mondays from 11AM - 2AM