Japanese food is known for its healthy, fresh, well portioned and delectable dishes. I recommend Kessaku to those who love Japanese cuisine. Kessaku is definitely more when it comes to Japanese dining experience as it takes great care to offer a contrast of textures and flavors that don’t disappoint.

Salmon Sashimi’s texture is soft and smooth. Sinking my teeth into it releases all that juicy heaven. It somewhat melts in the mouth and makes me want for more.
Complimentary Kani with Japanese Mayo is a delicious pile of sweet crab.  It really perks up the appetite!

Usi Ebi or Sunburst Salad has slices of strawberry, apple, grapes plus mandarin orange topped with Tiger Prawns

Tiger Rolls have shrimp, tuna,cream cheese and avocado in sticky rice.  It is culinary perfection!

California Maki offers the sweetness of Japanese Mayo blended with flying fish roe.  It looks and tastes divine!

Unagi with Foie Gras (P 350) melts in your mouth.  This eel and duck liver in combination with sticky rice really compliments each other.

Spider Rolls is another take on eating crabs minus the fuss.  

Chicken Yakitori are savory chicken skewers anyone would like to try

Shishamo or  Salt Water Fish Smelt
This is may first time to bite into Shishamo. I was hesitant to eat an entire fish with its bones and head at first, but the tiny fish eggs that packed this skinny little fish got me hooked! As a child, I have acquired a taste for fish eggs and I like Shishamo. I was surprised to know that the traditional Japanese do enjoy eating this fish variety with the heads and tails on.
Ebi Tempura

Soft Shell Crab Tempura
I became a fan of Japanese restaurants because of Tempura. I love Kessaku’s light, airy batter that is found in its Tiger prawn tempura and its soft shell crab tempura. Both are perfectly done and absolutely awesome, that if I were blindfolded, I wouldn’t be able to distinguish between the two.
Symphony is a Kessaku layered specialty made up of tuna, crabsticks, salmon and fried rice served with a side of showmanship. This very filling dish that offers a pleasant savory experience for those who would want to try out Japanese food. It is a good food that speaks so much of its masterfully blended flavor. I so love the way it is presented.

Angus Prime Chahan is like a supersized Chao Fan to me.  This rice offering has Angue Prime Beef dices and veggie enough to satisfy the hunger of 4 heads.

Kaikage Teppan is Fried Oyster in Batter that  comes with a side dish of fried noodles and mixed vegetables

Mixed Kamameshi is a specialty one-pot rice dish that I find irresistable.  It has shrimp, pork and beef mixed with veggies.

At Kessaku you are assured of freshness plus you get good food variety that speaks creative combinations, beautiful presentation, and consistent quality. Their roll menu is superb!

Thank you  Kessaku Alabang for a wonderful night of Japanese food indulgence.

Ground Floor, Commercenter Building
Filinvest Avenue, Alabang, Muntinlupa City