What’s Your Love Vibe

You came into my life at a time I was disillusioned in love. Three long relationships that ended one after the other left me bitter, angry, and lonely. I was in a pity pot.

You appeared to be comical and not a person searching for love. I was afraid of trusting and opening myself up to people because of those who have hurt me in the past. But you restored my faith in love and years of my unbelieving in love suddenly stopped. You made it possible for me to welcome love back in by your patience, love and kindness.

I never thought that I'll find the love of my life in you.
It has been a decade since we counted years from our young love, promising to stay in love forever. Like any other relationship, ours went through rough sailing. I almost gave up during those times of uncertainties and difficulties. I have hurt you intentionally and unintentionally.

All through it all I find comfort in knowing that God has a plan for us and that your unceasing love will continue to bind us. I do know that unconditional love will make it all easier for us to overcome obstacles along the way. I'm sorry for not saying "I love you" as often as I can. I admit that I am a fool for not showing you enough affection.
Last Valentine’s Day dinner was indeed a very special and beautiful treat for me and our daughter. I realized that it has been three years since we last celebrated the occasion. That lovely day reminded me how good it all began--how the stars in the heavens aligned to lead our paths to one another. Celebrating Valentine’s Day helped rekindled the sparks that brought us together.
Finding you and having Danica as gift of our love is the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you and counting the years with you is all I want to do.
How about you? What’s Your Love Vibe?

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