Leave Nothing Undone with Leatherman Pocket Tool

The Leatherman Multi-tool is one of the most versatile tools that you can use for all your repair and maintenance needs. Relatively compact and lightweight, this all around Leatherman tool fits pretty well in a pants pocket.
It is your go-to tool that packs a knife, screwdrivers, a pair of pliers and literally everything that you would need to repair and fix nearly every item in your house. Moreover, the full-size Leatherman Wingman multitool will be there for you when you face unexpected repair tasks, car troubles and outdoor emergencies.

Tim Leatherman was inspired in creating the tool after he and his wife got back from travelling abroad. The unreliable $300 Fiat he was using then frequently breaks down and while doing the car repairs, the thought of having a pair of pliers and a knife in handy all the time kept nagging him.

“I was carrying an old Boy Scout-type knife and used it for everything from slicing bread to making adjustments to the car. But I kept wishing I had a pair of pliers!” he said.
Leatherman multitools can be subdivided between blade-in and blade-out designs. The Rebar is a blade-in design while the Wingman is blade-out.

Rebar has a much superior shear-type wire-cutter with replaceable blades. The Wingman has a butt-type or pinch-type wire-cutter. Both work, but the Rebar works noticeably better, especially for hard wire.

The Rebar has a large plain blade and an equally-large serrated blade. You must open the tool to have access to the knife blades. Wingman on the other hand, has only a single combination blade, but it is instantly available as they would be in a pocket knife because of its blade-out design. The said knife is very sharp and can easily be opened with one hand. If your most common use of the tool will be for cutting with the knife blades, then the Wingman would be more convenient for you. The Wingman is recommended for people who uses the knife and the scissor frequently.

The scissors also have a lock, like the knife, but you need to push a bit further to lock it. Once it's locked, very easy to use it.

The package opener is extremely useful. Other than opening bubble packages, it can be used to cut zip ties by holding it tight against the zip tie and pulling it towards you. It also is good for cutting packaging tape and other items which you would normally cut with a knife.

“The quality you get with a Leatherman tool is unmatched,” he says. “Leatherman tools are warrantied for 25 years. We use the finest materials in our tools including high-quality stainless steel. We also use Titanium on some of our models, which is a strong and light material. The value is much higher than the price you pay, even though the price is high,” he adds.

Leatherman however, forewarns that stainless steel is corrosion resistant but will still rust. Some maintenance is required to keep your stainless steel Leatherman tools corrosion-free. The tool should be cleaned with soap and water after use especially if after working on acidic environments.

The official distributor of Leatherman in the Philippines, Willie Hahn Enterprises, recognizes the potential of Leatherman Pocket Tool and sees a growing need for such tools. “For Filipino who are always on the go, ease of access to everything is quite important. So, having a handy dandy tool which fits in the pocket will definitely answer the growing need for products like these on the market”, says Willie Hahn.