An assortment of delectable chocolate confections from Rome's Patisserie

The brownie has long been one of my favorite baked treats. So I gave in to an invitation from Rome's Patisserie to sample its assortment of delectable chocolate confections that proved to be enchantingly delicious!
Revel Bar
Two layers of oatmeal cookie dough filled with a rich chocolate walnut fudge in the center. I love its crumbly texture. It is the best brownie variant to me!

Food for the Gods
Fudgy Brownie type madewith raisins, walnuts and cashew nuts.

Walnut Brownies
Moist Brownies topped with cream crushed walnuts.

Cream Cheese Brownies
Dark moist Brownies swirled with cream cheese topping. One bite gives that deep chocolate taste. Its gooey and moist center is just too intense for my taste.

Fudgy Brownie and walnut choco chip cookies baked to perfection.

Products are made from scratch using only all-natural quality ingredients that render moist brownies rich in both taste and texture. These gourmet brownies are really good and gives that unique flavor mixture between a cake and a cookie. So head off to Rome's Patisserie to find out which brownie variations and other baked confections suits your taste preferences.

Rome's Patisserie
2/F University Mall
Vito Cruz corner Taft Avenue, Manila