Fun at Circus Vargas "MagiKaria" Gala Night

Last December 23rd, we went to the Gala Night of MagiKaria and were mersmerized with its jaw-dropping stunts, juggling and magic tricks! I have written about this specktacular America's Circus here and we were really excited to see it.

My daughter loves the upbeat juggling styles of Michael Ferreri

MagiKaria combines awe-inspiring acrobatics with death-defying choreography aerial ballet.
The gymnastic work by Haley Kent was awesome!

The classic entertaining show was fast-paced and the entertainers were brimming with energy. All this on digital surround sound!

It was a great live family entertainment for the kids!

This fantastical magical experience with Matti the Clown, Alberto Marinelli, Haley Kent, Hilario Cabral, Jon Weiss and other really put smiles on our faces.