Pamper Galore at Simply G Salon and Spa

Caring about one’s appearance help boost confidence. A great look lies in a good cut and shiny hair tresses! Thanks to Simply G Salon and Spa, I am able to get the look I always wanted and feel good about myself.
Simply G Salon and Spa itself is clean and has a calming mood ambience
This place is really amazing. Don't be misled by the word “Simply G”, this salon does much more than just give you a simple look and services! It brings out the best in you! Looking gorgeous after a pampering treatment at Simply G Salon and Spa would be an understatement!
I have tried coloring my previously highlighted hair and the highlighter portion turned out with red and gold hues.  My dry, limp greying hair was a mess with the frequent coloring treatments.

My problem hair needs urgent treatment from the hands of an expert

Their experienced staff takes care of you very well
On top of hair cut and hair color, Simply G salon and Spa also  offers waxing, facials, RF, Skin Beautifying Treatments and many more!

Simply G Salon and Spa has the luxuries you like to get at other spa spots.  I will definitely return to this little gem for another amazing experience.

Simply G Salon works magic in making your tresses looking healthier! Go visit Simply G Salon and Spa at 29 President Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque City