Soothing touches of Asian Massage

I was lucky to be invited to a stress-free, pampering session at Asian Massage. The salon services is made complete with its Asian Clinic and Asian Salon. And so, I get to experience their massage, skincare, and haircare services.

If you are stressed out from commute in the city or simply would like get a relaxing treatment before starting another busy week ahead, let Asian Massage take care of you.

Asian Massage lobby is teeming with Christmas spirit
A collection of apparel greets you on your way to the Salon
Asian Massage offers the following services:
1 hour massage (Swedish)
1 hour massage (Shiatsu)
1 hour massage (Combo Swedish & Shiatsu)
1 hour massage (Thai Massage)
Foot Spa
Manicure & Peducure
Hair Spa
Diamond Peel with KB Dermafirm
Indian Ear Candle
Detox Foot
Detox Foot + Aid Detox
My mane gets its much needed Keratin treatment

They are open 24 hours to relax those tensed nerves. You may pay them a visit at:

Asian Massage
103 Greenrich Mansion Pearl Drive
Ortigas Pasig City