Modern Filipino Cuisine that is Sentro 1771

Sentro 1771 comes from the 1771 Group of Restaurants to which belongs Chateau 1771 in Greenbelt 5, Cafe 1771, WineBar 1771 and Sidebar at El Pueblo Real de Manila. It offers great Filipino food infused with Asian flavors.
To spice up your appetite, try out the skewered, grilled chicken gizzards (150 pesos per order of 4 sticks). The meat tastes much like adobo, perfectly blended soy and vinegar combination that satiates the palatte. Flavor bursts in the mouth as you bite into the crunchy gizzard pieces.

Another must-try appetizer are the Duck Pancakes. Though Asian in origin, it has that flavor that Filipinos find appealing. It reminds me of finely stripped cuttlefish snacks often sold in Chinese stores, only this time strips come from native duck meat slow-cooked in beer, rhum, vinegar, soy sauce, and muscovado sugar. Sweet-flavored duck meat strands are tucked in Chinese pancake pockets and served on Chinese soup laddles.
Macau Chorizo and Cheese Tidbits (240 pesos) tastes better than the Lumpiang Shanghai that we got used to

Sentro 1771 offers the Filipino staple rice in creative way that makes it a meal in itself. The seafood bagoong rice is a delectable chaofan with bits and pieces of shrimp and squid. 
Sentro 1771 Signature Dishes such as the Lamb Caldereta and Corned Beef Sinigang would surely delight the first-time diners.

Caldereta is a Spanish stew that we all love to partake of during special Filipino gatherings.  The Lamb Caldereta served at Sentro 1771 has the same rich, festive tomato-based stew with potatoes, carrots, bell peppers and spices that I really love!  The lamb meat  was tender and it tasted way far better than the best beef caldereta I've had.

Sinigang is one of the comfort foods that we Filipinos often craved for. Hence, this viand has fired up the imaginations of the local chefs to come up with their own winning versions in contemporary restaurants.
Corned Beef Sinigang (595 pesos per order) consists of boneless beef shanks cooked in tamarind broth. Diners have the option to have their food to be prepared based on their diet restrictions. They can ask for a spicier or a bit sour broth to their liking.
Fresh Grilled Pampano for the discerning taste!

Two-egg Ampalaya Crepe with Salted Duck Egg Slices on top (240 pesos)

Sentro 1771 gives Leche Flan a new variety! 

Camote Cups (240 pesos) reminds me of fresh lumpia made from stir-fried Baguio bean, cabbage and sweet potato strips

If you want a great gustatory experience, head off to Sentro 1771. For more information, go to You may also follow Sentro 1771 on Facebook and Twitter.