Investors in People (IiP) Philippines looks at People as Investment, not just Mere Employees

Last September 5, the Investors in People (IiP) Philippines held its very first IiP Symposium in the Philippines at the SGV Hall of AIM Conference Center, Makati City. The IiP Symposium, in collaboration with Breakthrough Leadership, is pushing to make the Investors in People Standard accessible to organizations who aim to improve their business though people strategy.

Investors in People refers to the world-leading best practice quality standard for people management.
Gerardo Plana, IiP CEO talks about "Capitalization of the Workforce
Janet Webster, IiP Philippines chairman
Employees are not worker bees. They are whole individuals with human needs and desires. Organizations should work towards humanizing the workplace. By striving to be the most family-friendly organization, companies will reap long-term rewards with would make the firm grow company stronger.

Often, the biggest challenge that businesses face today is learning to think about their employees in the same the way they think about their customers. How do you engage employees to increase productivity?

Ten Reasons cited by Mr. Plana on why employees should seen as investments, not as expense are
1. Links between people and business results
2. Growing importance of service
3. Growing importance of intangibles
4. Hidden costs of intangibles
5. Growing value of “execution”
6. Rise of the “knowledge worker”
7. Talent war
8. Growing importance of “employee engagement”
9. Growing importance of “innovation”
10. Downward spiral of performance

Human behavior is diverse and the relationship between attitudes (such as job satisfaction) and behavior (such as job performance) are complex.
Staff members who feel disempowered and unheard are generally unhappy. This situation leads to higher turnover rates, absenteeism and an overall lower quality of work.

As such, it is important to know what drives the satisfaction of employees through employee research or workforce survey. Here is where finding a firm that has standardized instruments to measure employee perceptions becomes crucial. These Firms should not only have standardized instruments available, but should also be able to provide organizations with benchmarking data as well as inferential statistics to identify the drivers key to employees’ behavior.

Mr Plana reiterates the IIP hopes to get inspiring people living the standard. It pushes for capitalization of Human Management. IIP can be used to enrich HR. IIP is not just for HR but also for those individuals who wants to lead. IIP works for all kinds and sizes of organization. Those that use the Standard improve their results, including revenue, profit, productivity and customer satisfaction.

In transforming business performance, Investors in People can help organizations develop effective strategies, execute them and review the results!

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