Daniel Padilla for Lily's Peanut Butter!

Lily's Peanut Butter has zero transfat. It is also cholesterol free.  That is why Daniel Padilla loves it far way better than other peanut butter brands.  It's right creaminess and thickness makes Daniella Padilla go loco over Lily's Peanut Butter.
Sino ang love ni Lily's? Si Daniella Padilla at wala nang iba? https://www.facebook.com/bagonglovenidaniel
Daniel is Lily’s Peanut Butter first endorser ever according to owner Ramon Pua, an architect by profession. 

Lily’s Peanut Butter has been in the market for 60 years and the Pua Family were excited to relaunch the brand with mother and son tandem of Karla Estrada and Daniel Padilla as its endorsers.