Carlo Rossi Sweet Red now in the Philippines

Filipinos are known to have sweet tooth as such tendencies are evident in our cooking and food preferences. For the same reasons, we Pinoys also look for the same sweetness in drinks and wines. Even females are drawn to wine drinking because of its perceived health benefits. Plus a glass of sweet wine, loosens the tongue and makes conservation animated. It really makes every celebration and get-togethers more remarkable.

Well, fret no more because Emperador Distillers brings Carlo Rossi Sweet Red, the No. 1 Imported Wine in the Philippines.
Thanks to Kenny for capturing this moment

This sweet wine named Rossi Sweet Red is the latest innovation from Carlo Rossi brand. It was crafted from grapes grown in California’s sun-drenched vineyards and comes in three flavors---vanilla, bright cherry and wild raspberry flavors, definitely creating a unique blend of sweetness.

The Emperador Distillers team wanted to create a difference and stand out with their latest wine, according to Von de Torres, Managing Director. 

They wanted Carlo Rossi Sweet Red to be known for its sweetness. With the appropriate alcohol content combined with the cooling sensation of ice cubes, Carlo Rossi Sweet Red can be your on-the-rocks drink for “we-time”.   The wine is recommended to be enjoyed with ice since it brings out the flavor.  The sweet, real wine flavor stays perfect even after the ice melts.

Alberto Reyes, Marketing Manager of the said brand noted that catching up with your friends can be more effective and fun with Rossi Sweet Red.  So celebrate victories with a sweet, refreshing red wine!  Milestones or baby steps are reasons to celebrate good times with Rossi Sweet Red.