Healthy Options with Pamora Chicken Products

The husband and wife team behind the Pamora Farm, Inc. hosted a lunch for bloggers at Cicou in Greenhills today. Gerard and Tina Papillon guided as through the lunch menu being served.
Fresh Green Salad, Pickles and an assortment of Pamora Pates

Pamora Farm offers a wide variety of Pate to choose from

Roasted Coquelet in Rosemary and Garlic coupled with Mashed Potato

Creme Brulee in 3 variants (Green Tea, Vanilla & Chocolate)

Pamora Farm started raising quality colored French chicken breeders in Abra 11 years ago. These chicken breeds (Rhode Island) are of slow-growing, colored broiler type but with much tastier meat. 
Pamora Farm free-range chicken eggs are well-known for its native chicken-like color and taste of a real egg.

Pamora boasts of free-range chicken farming practices. Chicks are kept for the first three (3) weeks inside the housing with brooding (heater) facilities to strengthen and and help equip the chicks for outside life. After completing 21 days, the broilers are set free to roam around and fend for organic food on the farm grounds on top of their daily intake of milled yellow corn. They are fed with required feeding and drinking quantity suited to their age. Pamora Farm grow a variety of fruit trees, herbal plants and vegetables. Pamora also grows quality wood trees such as Mahogany and Narra as part of their reforestation project. The farm produces organic fruits and vegetable in addition to chicken and egg production.

Get your Pamora Chicken Meat, egg and Pate Products at a store or market near you.

Pamora chickens, eggs & pâté products are available at:
 1. Santis delicatessen
 2. Terry Selections
 3. Rustan’s
 4. Shopwise
 5. Metro Market! Market!
 6. RFI Farm Outlet (Holy Spirit, QC)
 7. Joji Berry (Crossroad 77 Mother Ignacia, QC)
 8. NCCC – Davao
 9. Champetre restaurant (BGC)
10. Brasserie Ciçou (Greenhills)
11. Resorts World Manila
12. Ilustrado Restaurant (Intramuros)
13. El Nido resorts
14. Amanpulo
15. Saturday Market, Ayala Alabang Village
16. Golden Acres Farm, Inc. (distributor)

Visit or call them at 02-7592678 / 02-5061082 for more information.