Media Launch of Chakra Massage at Blue Water Day Spa

Last November 6, we were invited to the Aroma Chakra Healing Body massage and Indian Head massage launch at the Blue Water Day Spa last November 6. Respected international teacher and trainor, Ms. Ranjeet Kour, was flown into Manila to discuss and demonstrate how each of these massage therapies works on the body.

The Indian Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage is focused on the first four chakras of the body to release tension on the head, neck and shoulders. It is designed to relieve tension of head, neck and shoulder based on the first four chakras of the body.
Aroma Chakra Healing Body Massage is focused on the major seven chakras of the body which correlate to the location of the seven major endocrine glands. It focuses on the seven major Chakra of the body using aroma synergy and laying of seven crystals chakra stones to balance major chakras of the body.
Chakra are believed to be centers of the body from which a person can collect energy. They are connected to major organs or glands that govern other body parts. It is the moulding of the physical energy present in every cell of the body and the spiritual energy. Its name comes from the Sanskrit word for "wheel" or "turning".
The Chakra healing therapy uses crystals. The body has a powerful but yet not fully understood method of self-healing and using crystals to tap into the body's healing powers you already possess helps a lot. Chakra massage brings balance of the chakras in our bodies and energies as it promotes good sleep and relied from strenss. It also promotes positive feelings.

These revolutionary treatments available to Blue Water Day patrons include the Colonic Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Infant Massage, Indian Head Massage and the Chakra Massage. Pamper your self in any of the 5 Blue Water Day Spa branches in Metro Manila--Greenhills, Makati City, Capitol Hills, Tomas Morato and in Eastwood City.

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