Evolife fosters hope for Cancer Patients

Cancer is one of the leading cause of mortality in the country today. And with this growing number comes supportive care as early as the treatment side effects start manifesting. To highlight the Breast Cancer Awareness month celebration, United Laboratories partners with Point of Care Solutions (PCSI) in introducing Evolife products last October 23.
Because of the extreme discomforts and physical challenges of radiation and chemo therapy such as mouth sores, skin rashes, burns, cracked and blackened nails, and falling hair many cancer patients dread to continue receiving treatment. These dreadful side effects of their treatment are causing a blow on their self esteem and effects their drive to go on fighting for their lives. According to medical studies, 40% of cancer patients die because they give up the fight.

A patient's the scalp for example, can become extremely sensitive while on chemotherapy.  It goes dry during hair loss chemo and the re-growth period. Eventually itchy scalp or irritated scalp develops during the re-growth period.

I was glad to know that there are products now in the market that can address this problem.
All these product are made available through the partnership between Point of Care Solutions, Inc (PCSI) and Unilab Laboratories.

Bringing the Evolife range of products here in the country in 2011, Mr. Michael Avelino, PCSI Managing Director shared that clinical trials locally produced positive results. The testing period was led by radio oncologist, Dr. Mary Ann Genica B. Reyna, who made sure that the products are really effective before making any recommendation acknowledging the fact that as a practitioner, she has the legal obligation to the patients that she’s treating. Point of Care Solutions (PCSI), the exclusive Philippine importer and distributor of Evolife Laboratories of France. 

The  EVOCAPIL® is heaven-sent.  It regulates hair root hypersensitivity problems during and after the hair loss chemo. It soothes your scalp, makes wearing a hair piece less painful and encourages hair regrowth.

Learning about how Evolife can help ease the side effects of cancer treatments made me happy. Meeting four strong-willed ladies  battling breast cancer during the product launch made me appreciate life more.  They spoke about the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy they have undergone and attested how these cancer-support care products helped them go on with their battle against cancer.

To know more about Evolife products on Nail Care, Skin Care, Oral Care, Hair Care, and Hygiene Packs, you may visit EVOLIFE® website at http://www.evolife.com.ph/


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