Astroplus Bloggers Connect at the Podium

Astroplus invited lifestyle bloggers to its second leg of the Blogger Event last October 27 held at the Podium entitled Bloggers Connect 2012. The first half of the activity tackled the Music and Movie Category. The audience were informed about current and upcoming releases from Magnavision, C-Interactive, Star Records, Ivory Music and Video, Warner Music and MCA Music.

Movie buffs were ecstatic to see never before seen movie trailers. It is nice to get hold of a list of movie titles to be released soon. The latest music album offerings from various artists were also discuss.
Gadgets discussion followed soon after. There were revolutionary headphone pairs that suits anyone's lifestyle and budget. Some can even be customized to suit the wearer's style.
Different gears and headphones from Sol Republic, Monster, Skull Candy, AKG, Boost, Sennheiser, Gear 4 and Bose were showcased to our delight.

The iFrogz Boost Speaker took my fancy.  It seems like a wireless speaker that  works a little different.  It receives sound from an  iPhone or other cellphone that has an external speaker by simply placing the device directly.  You just have to set your phone on top of it and go on with your soun tripping.

It is about  the size of your palm but the Boost speaker  amplifies a good sound quality  enough for an office.  

Thanks to Astroplus, Myke Soon and Azrael Coladilla for the invite. Follow Astroplus on facebook for more information.