Elitegroup Computer Systems launches the Golden Limited Edition motherboards

The Elitegroup Computer Systems has launched the Golden Limited Edition Black Series motherboards last July 24 in an event held at the Seventh High Apex Lounge. The said activity also coincides with ECS 25th Anniversary celebration.

ECS is a Taiwan-based global tech brand best known for producing motherboards that literally shine because of gold plated parts. It caters to a niche market of gamers and heavy graphics users who demand performance and efficiency from their desktops.

ECS Nonstop certified motherboards comprises four interlocking tests and enhancements that combine together to protect PCs. Its technological innovation is expected to defeat many of the most common causes of hardware problems and system instability. Hence, the resulting desktop PCs are automatically transformed into robust and reliable products for both home and business use.

Three lucky guests who found specially-marked ECS cards were given free ECS Nonstop certified motherboards.