Creative Bonding Time at The Robot Zoo

When I told my daughter that we would be going to The Robot Zoo, she was ecstatic! We arrived at the Science Discovery Center at the SM Mall of Asia one hour ahead to be welcomed by Geiser Maclang.

And boy, both of us were happy to see fellow blogger Vance with her nephew Kyle, who came in a few minutes. We chatted the hour away over servings of Buy-the-Bucket nachos and Krispy Kreme donut treats.

The Robot Zoo is an interactive science in which interesting critters and animals on our planet come alive through larger-than-life robotic mimicry. Invited guests and their kids got to see a platypus, a bat, a grasshopper, a house fly with a 10-foot wingspan, a giraffe's head and neck stretching 9-feet tall plus a giant squid with its 18-foot tentacles.
My daughter had a blast trying out the games inside this walk-in gallery exhibit. The Jet Propeller first took her interest among others.  She tried to out win the other turtles and eventually won over two participants of the turtle race!

Thanks to The Robot Zoo for bringing the minute critters and interesting animals to life. My daughter was captivated by the colorful robotics. It would surely aid her in retaining information about the animal exhibit. She loves active fun to explore and experience many things. I do my best to reinforce learning by providing her opportunities like these so she can be the best person she wants to be. If you to know more about The Robot Zoo, visit The Science Discovery Center website at or see the facebook page at