Natural Moms prefers Ascof

As the flu season begins, I am much concerned about the health of my child who has asthma because persons with asthma are prone to life-threathening complications from influenza or from even the common cold virus.  I know that I cannot cure colds, but I can ease the cold symptoms before it escalate to Danica's  shortness of breath due to constricted air flow.

In this day and age, it is tempting to buy over-the-counter cold remedies to immediately relieve our kids of the cold symptoms.  We often panic in of sickness and never really think about the harmful chemicals that may cause side effects.

Since my child ofter gets the virus, I have learned to look for natural alternative cough and cold remedies for my daughter.  I am comfortable  knowing that my daughter likes ASCOF strawberry flavor.  The natural herbs  that keeps the cold and flu virus at bay also helps her body to get rid of it faster. Aside from cough, Ascof  has been clinically proven to treat bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and pharyngitis. Lagundi leaves also contains chrysoplenol D, a smooth muscle relaxant with anti-histamine properties.

Like all mothers who wants the best for their families, I go for  the safe, natural and effective way that Ascof brings.   It is interesting to know that many Filipino Moms like Lucy Torres-Gomez, Winnie Monsod and Winnie Cordero are also using Ascof Lagundi cough syrup for their families.  

Mia Pascual-Cenzon, Pascual Lab’s Director for Corporate Communications, says that the company salutes these three exemplary natural mothers as ASCOF spokespersons. Being natural moms themselves, they represent the ideals of the brand and can effectively relay the message to fellow moms that nurturing their families and providing the best in healthcare can be done naturally, by choosing herbal medicine brand that has no harmful side effects. University of the Philippines Economics professor and economist Winnie Monsod, has untarnished integrity that made her opinions are valued by many people. In her new ASCOF TV ad, she advises mothers to choose a cough remedy that is natural, safe, and has no side effects, “Sa ASCOF, walang kaba, walang duda.” TV and radio personality, Winnie Cordero, who is known for her down-to-earth personality and her practical, sensible tips and advices, also exemplifies a modern, natural mom for Ascof. She had learned about natural remedies for different illnesses after she had them featured on a TV program. It was when Winnie Cordero learned more about the side effects of using synthetic medicines that doctors normally do not say that she really opted for herbal medicines for her family and recommended Ascof to relatives and friends alike since it is made from real 100% Lagundi leaves.

ASCOF Lagundi, has indeed been proven as  the number one herbal cough and asthma remedy brand and the most successful phytomedicine (plant-based drug) in the market today.  It is re-assuring that the brand is manufactured by one of the most trusted drug companies in the country, Pascual Laboratories. ASCOF is made from 100% natural and all-organic lagundi leaves, grown and nurtured in an award-winning and certified all-organic LAC farm found in Nueva Ecija.

It is interesting to note that ASCOF’s Lagundi is the first plant-based medicine registered under the
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that was developed through years of scientific research.

If you love your kids and family like these natural moms, please take time to check the labels of every medicine that you give to your family.  It is better to scrutinize than be sorry later on. And you can trust Ascof Lagundi when it comes to cough problems.  It comes in various flavors--- Ponkan, Strawberry, Menthol and Menthol Sugar-free flavors in tablet and capsule forms to suit your needs!

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