Sky Fun Club honors moms and kids in 2012!

Sky Fun Club, the exclusive kiddie club open to loyal SKY Cable subscribers, brings another year of amazing surprises! The only kiddie club that offers a perfect balance of fun and learning for its members, Sky Fun Club continues to provide more exciting activities for kids of 2 to 11 years old, under the theme One Big L.E.A.P. - Learn, Explore, Adventure, Play! This year, not only kids but mommies too, will surely have more means to celebrate as Sky Fun Club's One Big L.E.A.P. creates more avenues to discovering and fostering each child's potentials. “ Because we share every parent's goal of having happy, well-developed kids, we have created an events line-up for 2012 that promote further the holistic development of children, and where learning goes hand-in-hand with great fun,” said Christine Caballero, brand manager of Sky Fun Club.
As a post Mother's Day Treat, Sky Fun Club presents Mommy and Me Day! Loaded with activities that enhance the emotional bond between mother and child, it promises to be a day worthy of remembrance. “It is the best time to launch an event to give tribute to Sky Fun Club Mommies. Arts, crafts, games, prizes and much more are in store for the participants, while also providing the ideal venue for parents and kids to interact with their peers,” added Caballero. Kids' Play Day follows suit mid-year on its fifth run, as a wholesome riot of fun! Participants would be treated to an afternoon of playtime with lots of games that enhance a child's physical, social, emotional, communication, and intellectual growth - which makes it a big hit to both parent and kid. With four years already under its belt it aims to continue its success in 2012. Halloween brings together spooky and fun in a Leap of Creativity and Talent! Tricks and Treats would be the order of the day as kids would be encouraged to show their abilities in a stage show. Shedding inhibitions and promoting confidence, participants are invited to come in their most creative costumes! “These are only some activities we have for 2012. Other prizes and goodies are also given away during the Sky Fun Club school tours and museum tours,” said Caballero. Registration is open to kids 2 to 12 years old, of Sky Cable, Sky Voice, and Sky Broadband subscribers. So mommies, let your kids slip a hand into a goodie basket of fun! Sign them up for free and take One Big L.E.A.P. with your kids, together with Sky Fun Club! Visit for more info.