Why I love Nuffnang

I love Nuffnang Philippines advertisements, no non-sense plug ins and promotions and so I got hooked up on NUFFNANG eversince. I also love the fact that it is family-oriented.

Many poeple come and go in our lives but a few individuals do make a lasting impact in our lives. I am glad that I have friends, relatives and family who loves me for what I am.

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So on May 28, my family and I will ride the Nuffbus to join in the Nuffamily Day in Tagaytay.

I will be bringing along my daughter Daniella Nicole, my mom Eusebia, Leo, Ann plus the rest of the Sison family (Allan, Kaye, Alexander Keith, Anthony, Curtney, Claire and Ian) to make it a special day for all of us and an early Father's Day treat to the important men in our lives.

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Thanks to Nuffnang who believes in strong bond and family ties.