Using the English Language to Communicate

I love blogging. It gives me a chance to write about something that really interests me aside from providing a venue for personal expression. The big part of my gratification comes from the writing activity itself and on getting occasional comments from readers. The good feeling that comes from knowing that someone out there actually reads my voice is elating! It is good to know that other individuals do find my writings as something worthwhile to read!

Although English is my second language, I use it over my native tongue since it is the most widely used language in the world. And I do admit that I am a work in progress. As a freelance writer, I face difficulties using the English language. I find English to be one of the most difficult languages to master. And it is especially true when it comes to the written word. Thinking in Filipino language and translating it in English is really challenging since English words have different meanings according to context. Even if I use the appropriate words, one’s interpretation can change its meaning. Moreover, a direct translation is not always possible. And mind you, reading and writing English fluently does not necessarily follow that I speak it fluently.

In my search to improve my communication skills, I solicited opinions from my peers and it lead me to Ahead Professional Network (AheadPro), a division of the multi-awarded awarded AHEAD Learning Systems, Inc., which offers language training for professionals and companies who seek to make their workforce globally-competitive.

Miss Rossana Ladaga-Llenado, President of AHEAD Learning Systems and Director of the World Prep Learning Center, founded AHEAD Tutorial & Review in 1997 in her desire to make real difference in the lives of students, professionals, and its partner organizations by offering academic tutorials to students from pre-school to graduate school level, and review programs for school admission exams. In less than 10 years, AHEAD became the number one reviewer and tutor of choice for most students thanks to its pool of mentors and reviewers who are honor graduates of the top schools of University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila, De La Salle University, University of Asia and the Pacific, and Asian Institute of Management.

Ms. Llanedo herself is an achiever herself. She has won several awards including the Gold Quill for Marketing from the International Association of Business Communicators in February 2003; Ilaw ng Karunungan award from Philam Life in May 2003; Agora for Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship from the Philippine Marketing Association; Aurelio Periquet Jr. Leadership Award among others. She provides inspiration for the next generation through her advocacy--conducting free English training for public school managers nationwide.

To date, AHEAD continues to reinvent itself by offering courses through its diversifed corporate units—AHEAD Professional Network, AHEAD Interactive, AHEAD Books and other affiliate organizations.

AHEAD has an unsurpassed 95 to 100 percent passing rate for its the IELTS and TOEFL exams, according to Ms. Erica Santos-Dela Cruz, AHEADPro business unit manager.

If you are planning to go abroad on a scholarship or engaging in a work which mainly focuses on the second language speakers, it would help if you take the Mastery of the English Language Certification (MELC). By getting acquainted with the English acquainted language properly, you will be able to make people understand whatever you wish to convey. Being fluent will lead you to work success.

Ms. Jane Santos-Quinto, AHEAD Managing Director, says that learning programs are tailor-fitted according to their client’s needs. Instructors help English language learners to interact with peers in both formal and informal settings. They are taught socially and culturally appropriate language in social situations. Social skills such as how to greet people, to receive compliments, to apologize, and to make polite requests depending on the organizational needs can be included in the training modules as required. They even do tutor and student profile matching to ensure conducive learning activities at the latter’s pace.

I highly recommend that you try out AHEAD’s competitive edge to bring out the best in you and prep up English proficiency to your advantage!

AHEADPro can be reached at 433-9300 or 0917-5000999


  1. Although Filipinos were known to speak fluent English, majority still tapped the services of this kind of institution, to boost up the best possible results of having an excellent communication skills.


  2. these type of tutorial programs is a must for people who'd like to hone their English skills even your post, it shows exactly how you have such a great command of the English language!Excellent ;)

  3. Ahead's program for professionals is probably the best I've heard so far. I used to think they only offer after-school tutorial services for grade schoolers. Now I am better informed, thanks to your post. And I will share the good news to everyone I know.

  4. @dei-ville - I totally agree. English proficiency gets us ahead of the cutthroat competition. That is why Filipinos are sought after in BPOs and even abroad.

    @jared - Thank you for your compliment. I'd say I'm a better English writer than a speaker.

    @purple plum fairy - I too, am amazed with the variety of courses they offer to suit clients' needs regardless of age and backgrounds. Please disseminate to anyone who may benefit from their programs.


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