counting on my lucky stars to win a pair of Somnio Mission Control running shoes

I want to own a pair of Somnio Mission Control running shoes! These "Custom Fit" running shoes founded on the principle that running shoes should adapt to the invididual runner, offer infinite possibilities of customization for a more personal fit!

Running is something I would like to do. My friends say that it is a great way to get the exercise the body to keep it healthy. And I want ultimate comfort and protection in a running shoe before I hit the roads! I need a well-designed, lightweight custom-made pairs that will make my running more enjoyable.

Our feet contain more bones than any other body parts. As such, feet are prone to environmental hazards such as sharp rocks and hot ground, which durable shoes can protect against. Moreover, a good-fit and comfortable running shoes provide an extra strength and will definitely help me become a successful runner with less foot injuries.

My right foot is more dominant than the left and so my right and left foot will have different needs when it comes to running. With Somnio's designer shoes, I need not worry about ill-fitted running shoes slipping on the heel. Calluses and blisters caused by tight shoes will be a thing of the past as well.

Somnio is a latin word meaning "to dream." By keeping runners healthy and on the road longer, they are helping dreams come true. Somnio offers 11,644 possible combinations for every pair based on the runner’s biomechanics to find that perfect fit for pain-free running without a trip to the podiatrist.

Visit Unbox and Unbox Facebook Page to get more information on how you could win a pair of Somnio Mission Control running shoes (valued at P7,000+).


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