Time Management as a Way of Life

I am a mother of a 6-year old kid and employed fulltime as an assistant. I need to master techniques as everything requires time.

To manage my time efficiently at the office, I make use of a tickler system. I sort out my tasks based on urgency and importance and put them in 5 folders representing the 5 days of the work week. Not all urgent tasks are important so I always focus on priorities. The priority ones goes to the monday folder which I have to accomplish on he first day of the week. Others that doesn't require urgency fall in the corresponding days its attention is needed.

I use my cellphone to calendar tasks, meetings and schedules of my boss. It helps that most cellphone units nowadays can be programmed to send out notifications ahead of the calendar entries.

Another advantages of having a cellphone is that I can delegate tasks/communicate to someone while on my way to the office. I make calls when traveling. I find that combining such activities as a great way to maximize time.

I allot my spare time to delete old text messages and old contacts as it clogs up its memory. I do the same with my emails. Sorting emails during lunch time does wonders. Part of my email management goes to my tickler system if it requires reports or drafting of documents. I check my inbox frequently and flag emails that I deem important.