Eveready - Trusted Through Time

Has it really been 40 years? That sounds like a long time ... for me and my Eveready battery partnership.

I remember using Eveready in all our toys, AM radio, polaroid camera and flashlights at home. I can say that Eveready really made a difference in my life.

At stormy times, Eveready powered our flashlights to provide light. My family and I were then keep abreast with the typhoon updates and current news even during power outtages thanks to eveready battery-powered AM radios.

It took a while for me to understand how important it is to build trust.

Eveready was there to provide light as I study my lessons even during frequent brownouts. It provided me with amusement by powering my favorite brickgame and portable cassette player.

Eveready was there when I was burning my eyebrows during my college days. I was assured that I will be able to study my lessons in the worst weathers for as long as I have Eveready batteries at my disposal.

I met my better half at work, got married and now have a child of my own. Eveready bore witness to these life changes as it powered the cameras that captured my fondest moments.

Over the years, new influences have risen from sport stars, TV personality and inspirational leaders capturing hearts and minds. Hair has been curled, straightened, cropped, techni-colored, bleached, extended and dreadlocked. The Fashion has had skirts short, long, mini, and short again. Underwear has become over wear.

Despite the altering of outward appearances and the technological advance booms, there has always been and always will be a constant. That is, Eveready battery will always be my trusted brand.

This is my official entry to Everyday Eveready Moments