Changes in My Life

Life was uncomplicated when I was young. My world then revolved around my family and relatives. Everything seems to be smooth sailing and complicated for as long as I follow house rules. It was easy to get my dad to cater to all my whims with just a little "lambing".

But I wanted more. I was such in a hurry to be somebody and to chase after my dreams. I was so eager to learn new things and started chasing my stars along the way.

When I finally left my comfort zone to explore the world, harsh realities of life set in. I met people from all walks of life. Some took advantage of my naivity. My timidness had to be replaced with assertiveness.

It is a sad fact that some people whom I considered as allies soon turn out to be my worst enemies. People tend to gravitate towards you when they consider you to be an asset to them. You are dispensable if they can no longer get anything from you.

Lesson learned--Individuals come and go in my life. Some are just in for the joyride. Each person whom I got to know taught me to become a better person in some ways.

True friends are hard to come by so I learned to appreciate them even more. My present core of friends stood by me in my ups and downs, unselfishly offered assistance without asking anything in return.

I cannot make everyone happy because happiness varies from one individual to another. In the same way, my happiness will depend on me. I cannot rely on someone to make thing happen for me.

Not all things turned out to be the way I expected it to happen. I have to make the most of every situation I am in and hold on to my faith, hoping that all bad things will come to pass. Adversities had made me the strong person I am now.

I have to come to take life less serious. Now at midlife, my priorities have changed. I am no longer chasing dreams for myself. I do it for my family.

Life for me is not all about achieving my own personal goals. I want to be able to instill love, commitment and charity among my kins. It pays a lot to be able to touch someone else's life and leave a legacy for them to hold on to. I want to inspire them to cling to hope and be the best person they can be.

This is my official entry to Thirty on 30 Changes in My Life Blog Contest