A Call to the "Iskolars ng Bayan"

Where had all the UP graduates gone?

The article entitled A Call to all UP Alumni Honor and Excellence" written by Gee summarized Professor Solita “Winnie” Monsod's challenge to our State University graduates to uphold honor and excellence. This has become my favorite sponsors post.

Beginning with the Freshmen orientation, ‘The Iskolar ng Bayan’ egos have been nourished with sayings that ‘We are the best of the best, the crème de la crème”. And this has always been accompanied by a constant reminder that we owe our education to our country and our fellowmen.

Patriotism is taught and encouraged in hundreds of UP students. We were trained to fully appreciate the gift we have been given. The value of their education are so instilled in our young minds such that no form of hardships nor any lack of resources can prevent us from coming to school. But patriotism doesn’t end with garnering excellent marks and graduating at the top of one’s class. The true test lies in how we live heroic lives after we leave the University of the Philippines.
Many of the state university graduates occupy high positions in the government but have remained bystanders at the fringes of unfolding history. Perhaps we were not heroic enough to challenge the questionable, and to defend what is right.
Our generation have failed to acknowledge how much responsibility we ourselves bore for the continuation of the circumstances that have remained unjust. Sad to say, we often lack awareness of our stewardship responsibilities over the country's natural wealth and people.

Gising, Peyups! It is not too late to reverse the situation by returning to the basics. We can learn to be good citizens all over again. We should live our lives as we know how it should be lived. Everything else that each one of us become must be built on this premise.