Making Bath Time Fun for your kids

Every task associated with bathing and hair washing can truly be torture for kids. And the most bothersome issue for my daughter was the hair washing. The slightest pull of the hair or getting water in her eyes was shear torture. I have learned to employ creative activities to make bath time fun for my daughter.

These things helped:
Little ones like to do as their parents do so I keep a few empty baby bath and shampoo bottles for her to fill up and squirt! She can wash her dolls this way, or pretend to wash herself. Daniella loves to wash her dolls hair as I washed hers. She is so preoccupied that she does not even care that hers is being washed!
The last in my "bag of tricks" to make bath time fun is to make silly songs up and sing them to a familiar tune as I work on particular spots that are real tough due to hypersensitivity. For my daughter it is the neck area. I let her rub Lactacyd on these spots, let it soak into the skin and "do it's thing" while she is playing with her dolls.

The final and best part of bathtime is wrapping her up in a fluffy towel and snuggling.

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